Embark on the path towards sustainable development

In the past years, we all had to face numerous challenges from climate change, mass migration to globalisation, and the most recent COVID 19, who deeply confounded our routine and priorities.

As for many of us the general planetary concerns are part of our daily thinking’s however health was not on  top of that list.




In all likelihood, the world has woken up. It seems that we are finally, some would say, putting a health lens on everything and re-evaluate all our decisions considering it. What transpire the most, is that people in general assess their needs differently and not just on personal level (family, work, housing) but also and more precisely on how they approach investment. Clearly, the pandemic has shown that economic growth on its own is not enough to sustain national economies and societies. The core of a well-conditioned economy are healthy people and a healthy planet.


For Baloise Group, sustainable business is about creating value for our stakeholder groups and, as a result, for our own business, too. Decisions are made on the basis of the impact that they have on society, the environment, employees, customers, partners and investors.

"Our Leitmotiv should be “Reconfiguration and Recovery"" 

Inspire and transform


The current situation reflects a gain of consciousness, that insurers can no longer avoid to match ESG consideration with ESG preferences of their investors.


Especially with the more than close March 2021 regulatory deadline of SFDR*. The disclosure regulation is about considering sustainability as a global goal besides making us look better, it will also emphasize the profound change in investment behaviour and industries. The regulation concerns not only amendments of the pre-contractual documentation but also, a profound change in the risk perspective; to detail the manner in which sustainability risks are integrated into their investment decision or insurance advice.


To embrace it at the fullest insurers have to vouch for transparency for all stakeholders: They aspire to preserve value, to maintain the robustness of physical assets and design responses to maintain business operations.


The past months have inspired and transformed organisations, into purpose driven sustainable businesses. Responsible investment is the heart of stability, inclusive economic future along with governments and regulators can be reached by redistributing fairly where the impact is visible.



Bâloise’s decisive steps


Bâloise Vie Luxembourg started some months ago the reflection process of building a product that would be clear and transparent to respond to investor needs. We searched for possibilities within different areas, and as the investment fund industry was a bit ahead with the integration of climate related issues into their investment consideration, we decided to go in this direction.


Resting on this ambitions Baloise Vie Luxembourg has created an investment vehicle which tackles those considerations and puts the interests of the individual first, by proposing’s 5 Internal Collective Funds with ESG emphasis, themselves fully investing in recognized sustainable investment funds. Investment will be performed according to criteria that aren’t purely financial anymore, but include longer-term concerns for the well-being of the planet and society.

Each profile corresponds to a different investment profile and reflects its own risk appetite :

  • Bâloise Eticx Conservative

  • Bâloise Eticx Defensive

  • Bâloise Eticx Balanced

  • Bâloise Eticx Dynamic

  • Bâloise Eticx Aggressive

They aim to be easily understandable and coherent with our existing structure.


Moreover Bâloise in Luxembourg is taking active steps in integrating ESG concerns through all the initiatives taken towards employees e.g. well-being programs, continuous training, ongoing facilities improvement as well as the upcoming new headquarter “Wooden” : sustainability everywhere



Footnote: *SFDR = Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation / Sustainability reporting in the financial services sector

Marilyn Rinck, Senior Analyst - Asset
Regulation, Bâloise Vie Luxembourg






Christèle Tevere, Content Strategy Manager,
Bâloise Vie Luxembourg 

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